About the stats

In difference to other known BOINC statistics, you can create your own statistics website using the personal BOINC userstats. Unlike daily exports, they include up-to-date hourly updated statistics on your BOINC projects you are participating in


What is special to this boinc userstats?

With these stats you can check your credits every hour on the BOINC projects that support WebRPC. So you are always up-to-date, no matter what time of day or night.
Your own statistics are independent of the daily exports of BOINC projects.

The graphic processing is done via highcharts; a current and modern design chart system.

Just look at my personal Userstats:
BOINC-Userstats of XSmeagolX

What do Cruncher say about BOINC Userstats?

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"Great work again Timo"

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"Thanks XSmeagolX !! You have built something really nice!"

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"Always great!"